I’m Emma Gotz, qualified Style Coach™, trained with the Style Coaching Institute™

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My love of fashion and style was ignited way back in the 1980’s…

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Our range of services including style parties, consultation, bridal and shopping…

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“Before working with Emma, I had never worn a skirt or dress and still wore casual clothes to work. Now she has helped me find clothes that suit me and my role as a Manager, I feel confident with what I am wearing and now feel I dress for the position I have and people take me more seriously.”

“This week my mood has really changed – Emma really helped with how to dress and know your shape. It was absolutely amazing! After this I had a moment where I started caring about me! Little things like washing my hair and curling it, putting on some make up and buying a new load of clothes. My happiness levels have rocketed, its amazing when you start caring about yourself how you feel mentally…I can honestly say it’s helped me massively.”

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